Simulation Notes Europe - Contributions

The journal Simulation Notes Europe (abbreviated SNE) publishes information related to modelling and simulation. SNE also is the official membership journal of EUROSIM.

SNE invites authors to submit contributions of following types: 

  • Technical Notes (TN)  and Overview Notes (ON)  with new developments and surveys in a particular area (TN max 6-8 pages, ON only upon invitation, 10 - 12 pages) ,
  • Short Notes (SN) with recent results in application and theory (SN max 4 pages),
  • Education Notes (EN) with simulation in education and simulation for education (EN max 6-8 pages),
  • Software Notes (SWN) with new features of simulation software (SWN max 4-6 pages)
  • Benchmark Notes (BN) with evaluation and comparison of modelling approaches and simulation implementations based on the ARGESIM Benchmarks
    • single Benchmark solutions 2 pages,
    • comparative solutions of single benchmarks 4-6 pages
    • extended benchmark solutions 6-8 pages

Submitted contributions will be peer reviewed by at least three board members, benchmark solutions by benchmark author and board member.

Furthermore, EUROSIM member societies provide reports about recent activities of their society.

Simulation Notes Europe - Contribution Submission

For submission templates are provided: 

  Authors should submit their contribution as word file and as pdf file by

EUROSIM societies should submit reports about recent news in their society by using the template template_sne_news_public (download SNE report template) and email to editorial office.