Welcome to the Journal Simulation Notes Europe

Simulation Notes Europe (abbreviated SNE) publishes peer reviewed contributions on recent developments, on overviews, and on benchmarks in modelling and simulation. SNE's contributions types are Overview Notes, Technical Notes, Short Notes, Software Notes  and Education Notes on developments and trends in modelling and simulation in various areas and in application and theory.

Furthermore SNE documents the ARGESIM Benchmarks on Modelling Approaches and Simulation Implementations with publication of definitions, solutions and discussions (Benchmark Notes).

SNE is also the official membership journal of EUROSIM, the Federation of European Simulation Societies. A News Section in SNE provides information for EUROSIM Simulation Societies and Simulation Groups.

SNE is published in a printed version (Print ISSN 2305-9974) and in an online version (Online ISSN 2306-0271). With Online SNE the publisher ARGESIM follows the Open Access strategy, allowing download of published contributions for free. Online SNE contributions are identified by a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) assigned to the publisher ARGESIM (DOI prefix 10.11128) - online December 2013. Colour high-resolution Online SNE, full SNE Archive, and source codes of the Benchmark Notes are available for subscription via membership in a EUROSIM society. Print SNE is produced for special use as conference layout, special issue display, etc.

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